Mrs. Mamie Kirkland

Mrs. Mamie Kirkland

100 Years From Mississippi is a documentary film project about Mamie Lang Kirkland who turned 110 on September 3rd, 2018.

It is a story of resilience, transformation, forgiveness, and memory. She remembers the panic that filled their small house in 1915 when her father and a friend, came home after midnight in Ellisville, Mississippi, fearing they would be lynched. Her father survived. John Hartfield did not. He suffered one of the most horrific lynchings of the era. In the streets of East St. Louis, Illinois in 1917, she witnessed one of the bloodiest race riots of the 20th century. Moving to Alliance, Ohio, they were greeted by cross burnings on their lawn. For Mamie and other African Americans shaped by the Jim Crow era and its terrorist arm, the current chapter in American history still echoes from Ferguson, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Now, after one hundred years, Mamie Kirkland returns to Mississippi to tell her story. Journey back in time as we witness her remarkable journey.

Read the article and watch the video of Mamie by the NEW YORK TIMES and visit our PRESS page for more videos.

Mamie has been a source of inspiration for everyone who knows her. When she decided to return to Mississippi after 100 years it became essential to create a documentary about the experiences, challenges and triumphs of her courageous journey.

Thanks to your support we have already captured dozens of hours of interviews, events and magical moments of synchronicity. We have now arrived at the most challenging part of our creative process in the editing and post-production phase and we look forward to your continued support. Please visit our Donate page or use the button below . Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Listen and watch Mamie’s powerful story narrated by her son, Tarabu Betserai Kirkland.

Watch the 100 Years From Mississippi Trailer.

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