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Your Support Has Inspired Us!

100 Years From Mississippi is a 40-minute documentary about the amazing journey of Mamie Kirkland’s flight from Mississippi and her family’s perilous migration from the Jim Crow south to escape her father’s lynching, murders of African-Americans on the streets of East St. Louis and KKK cross burnings on their lawn in Ohio. At 108 she […]

LYNCHING IN AMERICA website honors Mamie Kirkland’s story

Exciting news from the 100 Years from Mississippi film project! We are honored that our story, narrated by Tarabu, is featured in a groundbreaking new website launched by Equal Justice Initiative in collaboration with Google. “Lynching in America” documents over 4000 lynchings and Mamie’s story is the first feature in the “LISTEN” section. Explore this […]

Interview of Mamie Kirkland with the New York Times.

ELLISVILLE, Miss. — The dark S.U.V. rented for the occasion stopped outside the one-story City Hall. A wheelchair was rolled up to receive a petite passenger wearing a baseball cap dappled with sparkles, her hair gray-white, her skin mocha brown, her socks hot pink. Settling into the chair, Mamie Lang Kirkland took a quick look […]